35mm photo of an egg being fried taken on 800ISO color negative film
orange bird feeder hanging from a tree in Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia.
iBooks screenshot of illustration of the nested model of attachment and trauma, as discussed by author Jessica Fern in Polysecure: Attachment, Trauma and Consensual Nonmonogamy
screenshot of a tweet by user handle @AkieaG

Dana Lynn Nuckolls, DLN [@ThePeoplesOracle]. (2021, July 15).

"The joy and that happiness available to me will not come because I avoid or deny the harsh reality of living during a pandemic + climate disasters. It will come because I confronted reality and made the best use of my time... not pretending that I have forever. Cause I don't." [tweet]

Cynthia Francillon, CF [@cynfinite]. (2021, July 17). twitter.com/cynfinite


"Hey, friends?

I don't think we can afford to be flippant about being in touch with reality. Escapism is very tempting, but reality deserves your attention, too. It's not fair to yourself or others to be disengaged, long term. Truth is dire. We need the truth, terribly." [tweet]